Lifetime & Monthly Free Map Updates

The Lifetime free maps come standard on MOVE60LM, MOVE70LM, MY300LMT, MY350LMT, EZY250LM, EZY255LMT, EZY260LMT, EZY270LMT, EZY350LMT, EZY360LMT, MY400LMT, MY550LMT, MY560LMT, MY660LMT, MY ESCAPE 2, MY TRUCK

The Lifetime Monthly maps come standard on MY450LMT, MY600LMT, MY ESCAPE III, MY ESCAPE IV, Mivue Drive LM, MY TRUCK II, MY650LMMT, Mivue Drive FHD

You can purchase the lifetime map activation key as an optional extra for EZY100T, EZY200, MOVE 30, MOVE 50, MOVE 55

Please visit the AU or NZ Online store links below if you wish to purchase the lifetime map activation key.

Click Here to Purchase the Lifetime Map Unlock Key - AU

Click Here to Purchase the Lifetime Map Unlock Key - NZ

Installation Instructions

You will need your unit, USB cable and NavDesk program installed.

We advise that you back up any saved data/POI/My places on the Navman to your PC to ensure that you do not lose any of the saved information. This is done automatically through NavDesk once your device is connected.

Click Here to Download the latest version of NavDesk

How to install the Maps

Please note that the process is similar for Mac OS Navdesk however some screenshots may slightly vary.

Click here for the Map Installation Guide

The latest AU & NZ quarterly map version is V16.05 and monthly map is V16.06

Click here to view YouTube Tutorial Video

I have an EZY100T/EZY200/MOVE30/MOVE50/MOVE55, how do i activate the lifetime free map key?

To activate your lifetime map key on your EZY100T, EZY200, MOVE 30 or MOVE 50 device, please use the activation key that was emailed to you and follow the steps below;

The key will be in the format of NXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX



Please copy and paste the key from the email, to eliminate any possibilities of data entry error.

1. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable

2. Open up the NavDesk program. If you do not have NavDesk installed, please click on the link below to download the latest installer file.

3. Click on "Redeem" on the left hand side

4. Input the Lifetime map activation key that was emailed to you.

If successful, it will display "Your Map Update Key is successfully registered"

5. Click Next and your lifetime map key is now activated.

Now follow the Map Installation guide above to update your maps.

How to check the Map Upgrade was Successful

To check if the latest maps are loaded on your unit, please follow the steps below:

1. Turn the GPS device on
2. Select "Settings"
3. Go to "My Maps"
4. Select "Map Version"

Then it will display the version in the following format;

Australia or New Zealand
Core Mapping - Navteq 2XXX XX

Ensure the version number matches the version listed above.

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