NavDesk Software (Windows): Where can I download?

You can download NavDesk from the following links. Please ensure that you download the correct version for your unit. If you are unsure, please contact us on 1300 628 626 (Australia) or 0800 46 628 626 (New Zealand).

These files can be used for installing international maps whilst you are overseas or you have lost your disc. You can also use this software to load custom POI's, installing subscriptions or travel guides, recovering software keys or registering a PiN against applicable units.

Please note that this is just the software. It does not include the voice files or any map files.

S30/50/80/90i Original NavDesk Software

S30/50/80/90i (Updated) and F15 NavDesk Software

F10 NavDesk Software

S35/45 NavDesk software

S100/150/200/300T NavDesk Software

C40/60 NavDesk Software

MY30/50/50T/55/55T/500XT NavDesk Software

EZY30/40 NavDesk Software

MY60T/65T/75T NavDesk Software

Ezy15/45 NavDesk Software

MY80T/85XLT NavDesk Software

EZY100T/EZY200/EZY250LM/MOVE30/MOVE50 NavDesk Software

MY300LMT/MY350LMT/MY400LMT/MY450LMT NavDesk Software



Mivue Drive LM

MAC OS X Compatible NavDesk with EZY250LM, MY400LMT & MY450LMT only

Click Here to Download the Mac OS compatible version of NavDesk

MAC OS X Compatible NavDesk with Mivue Drive LM

Click Here to Download the Mac OS compatible version of NavDesk

Installing NavDesk - Windows

Once the NavDesk version for the selected model has finished downloading, simply open up the NavDesk installer file and follow the prompts.
If you experience any issues during the installation process, please note down any error messages and contact our support line on 1300 628 626 (AU) or 0800 466 286 (NZ).

Installing Navdesk - Mac

Click here for Instructions

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